5 reasons to invest in Dubai Real Estate

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Dubai real estate market has been the dream investment for any serious investor in the property market. Unlike any other city in the world, Dubai renders its investors with multifarious advantages. The money invested in any Dubai property gives higher returns than the average overall returns from investments in other part of the world. The city is a shopper’s paradise and attracts millions of tourists each year. Additionally, it is a business hub in the Middle East and an ideal destination to start a business venture. Here are five reasons to invest in Dubai real estate –

1. High rentals, low property prices – As compared to other major world cities, the property prices are lower in Dubai. Dubai real estate market provides attractive prices on an international level. At the same time, the ratio of the rentals earned on the invested property to the total invested money is higher in Dubai than most places in the world.

2. Proactive and stable government – Unlike other parts of Middle East which are facing some political unrest, Dubai government has fairly been stable. The government is proactive in making decisions that benefit the citizens. A number of steps have been taken by the government to solve the key issues related to the real estate market of Dubai. Lastly, but most importantly the tax benefits that Dubai offers makes it a highly sought after destination for real estate investment.

3. Attractive payment plans and schemes – Almost all of the renowned developers of Dubai are offering easy payment plans wherein the property buyer needs to pay small upfront deposit initially and later pay the multiple instalments. Escrow accounts by third party are maintained to deposit the initial sum of money to make the investments secure. Moreover, multiple schemes are run to lure the buyers in the competitive property market.

4. Upcoming mega-event Expo 2020 – Twenty five million visitors are expected to visit the Expo 2020 and 180 nations will become a part of it. The event has been the most awaited event in the recent years with investment ranging between 2 to 4 billion Dollars for development of the infrastructure around the hosting area. This event is another compelling reason to invest in Dubai real estate.

5. Fast-paced developed city – Dubai is one the most developed urban agglomerations in the world. The city is filled with modern urban amenities and is a hub for business, tourism, real estate, etc. in the Middle East region. Dubai offers unmatched opportunities in terms of employment, entertainment and investment. This makes it an ideal destination for real estate investments.


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