Etihad Museum Set to Open by Year’s End

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To celebrate the unique history and heritage of UAE and its people, Dubai is all set to have a new and modern Etihad Museum by this year’s end. The museum is aptly named, Etihad — the Arabic word for unity. Being built at a whopping Dh500 million, the museum is intended as a tribute to the founding fathers of UAE and their dedication and commitment towards the creation of a united nation.

In a style, distinctly characteristic to Dubai, Etihad Museum packages history in a modern attire. While the architecture and design of the Etihad Museum are unmistakably modern, the exhibitions inside date back to the days of nation creation.

The Etihad Museum will spread over an area of 2.5 hectares and is being built in the exact spot where the Emirati leaders got together in 1971 to agree on a treaty that led to the formation of United Arab Emirates.

At present, the iconic spot is graced with a famous flagpole, which in the future will be substituted with a taller (123-meter) mast. The Union House, present at the spot, will also be restored to its original state.

Designed in the shape of a manuscript, the state-of-the-art architecture of the Etihad Museum features seven columns. The seven columns signify the seven participatory pens of the treaty. The museum will consist of eight permanent pavilions.

Each of the pavilions incorporates interactive and experience-driven tools and techniques to acquaint visitors to crucial events in UAE’s history and take them on a chronological journey through decisive moments during the process of the formation of the Union of the Emirates circa 1971.


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