6 Timeless Tips on How To Pick a Real Estate Agent

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A real estate agent could be an important ally in your objective to find the property you are seriously looking for. While a good real estate could dispense useful advice that saves time and money for you, an incompetent real estate agent could cost you much more than just time and money. After all, it is not every day that you buy a home. So, how to pick a real estate agent? What are the qualities and credentials that he/she must have?

Selecting a real estate agent could be an onerous task. Reason why we bring you 6 timeless tips on How to Pick a Real Estate Agent.

  1. Communicate with Past ClientsSay you have are already considering a few real estate agents but finding it difficult to zero in on who to work with? Talk to their past clients. How? Well, get the agents you are considering to share with you the details of their recent dealings (phone numbers included).An honest past customer account could help you determine the agent you would want to work with. If you are selling your property, a good performance indicator could be the time taken for the homes listed by the agent to sell.

  2. Ensure the agent is genuineIt is important that you work with an agent who is genuine and possesses the necessary credentials.In places like Dubai, it is compulsory for all real estate agents and brokers to be licensed by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). So, if you buying property in Dubai, the first thing that you should demand to see is the RERA certified license.

  3. Select someone with a distinguished recordIt is always good to work with a known face, who has been publicly lauded by the industry for their excellent performance. Often times, an award-winning agent has better listings and have a better access to fellow real estate professionals. They are also more knowledgeable about the administrative procedures, protocols, and paperwork.

  4. Determine the agent’s area of expertiseReal estate is a vast domain with multiple subdomains — residential, commercial, luxury, budget, etc. Each agent has a niche area of expertise or forte. Select the one who is best suited to your needs.

  5. Ascertain the agent’s experience in the location of your interestEmploy an agent based on his/her experience in the location of your interest. Often times, the sight that meets the eye may not be the full truth. Local agents with significant experience in the area know about minute shortcomings that may escape your notice and become a major issue later.

  6. Test the agent’s knowledgeA good agent should be well acquainted with the transactions that have taken place in the area where he/she operates and expertises. Gather information and mention in random a deal that has recently been struck. If the agent demonstrates knowledge, hire the person.


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