8 Things That Make a Location Great to Live In

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You may have heard it n number of times, but that still doesn’t change the fact that ‘location’ is one of the most important factors in real estate. The importance of location cannot be overstated. But have we ever wondered, what are the things that make a location great to live in?

For the benefit of our readers, we list down 8 things that make a location great:

  1. Great Views

    Great views make a location great. The first thing that enamours you to a place are the views that it presents to your eyes.  Green rolling Hills, wide open surroundings, sights of majestic a river or sea with its accompanied sound of waves crashing onto the shore affects us in mysterious ways. Have we ever known a grand home to have commanded an inferior view?

  2. Less Noise, More Silence

    No one wants to live out their days in a home that is mired in the sound of traffic or the banging of metal on metal. The constant hum and buzz of construction and industry aren’t music to the ears of those who live nearby, and certainly, isn’t one of those things that make a location great.

  3. Good Neighbourhood

    A good neighbourhood truly is one among those things that make a location great. Its importance cannot be overemphasised. Barring a few exceptions, humans, by nature are gregarious. Wherever we live, we are disposed to making interactions and forming a community. A good and cultured neighbourhood inhabited by educated people enrich our living experience and help raise children in a positive ambience.

  4. Good Schools

    Education is a high priority factor for a large majority of parents. The presence of good schools in the vicinity can, therefore, significantly alter how a location is perceived.

  5. Emergency Medical Services

    Accidents and infections are sudden and random occurrences. Availability of prompt medical care in critical situations could make the difference between life and death. Access to emergency medical care is highly desired and remains one of the most important things that make a location great.

  6. Markets and Public places

    For a location to be great, it must have access to easy and quick access to markets and public places. Who would want to travel miles to get their daily groceries?

  7. Accessibility to Public Transportation

    This is one more factor that goes into making a location great. Having easy access to public transportation makes travelling convenient for the residents in a given location and also serves to enhance its value in the market.

  8. How Safe is the Location

    Safety is one factor that reigns supreme in the mind of people. A location where crime is rampant will be least desirable by people.

Buying a home is an important decision. It is, therefore, important that you make an informed decision. To know whether the location you are considering for your new home meets the criteria set by above points, consult a local real estate expert. A reliable real estate expert will be in a far better position to advise and help you make a sound decision.

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