Pokemon Go in Dubai: The Phenomenon Spreads

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The Pokemon Go Phenomenon

Unless you have been living under a rock this past month, you have heard about Pokemon Go. The game has literally taken the world by storm. The limited regional availability of the game hasn’t stopped it from transcending borders. Curious and enterprising users have taken to illegal downloads of the game in places, where the game is yet to release. Same has been the case for Pokemon Go in Dubai.

Within a few days of its release, Pokemon Go has managed to garner a large audience. Downloads have soared and broken records. Such has been the craze of Pokemon Go that two Canadian teens, in hot pursuit of Pokemon, illegally entered the United States. They were later found and returned to their family. This is just one among a number of incidents and mishaps that have marred the game. Pokemon Go has caused outrage from the United States to Saudi Arabia (where it is yet to formally release). It has triggered security concerns among the users and internal security organisations. Despite all concerns, there hasn’t been a let down in its popularity.

Limited Availability of Pokemon Go Spurs Illegal Downloads

Developers Niantic Labs launched the game in July 2016. It was initially released in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Its demand surpassed expectations and soon the servers were put to strain. Reason why the developers had to put off subsequent launches for a brief period. The roll-out of the game resumed after a week. UK and Germany were next in the list of countries where Pokemon Go ventured. Then the game laid siege to many other European countries. The developers are yet to release Pokemon Go in Dubai.

Pokemon Go in Dubai

While the world is going gaga over Pokemon Go, how can Dubai be far behind? So what, if it hasn’t been formally released? The Pokemon virus has struck Dubaites. PokeStops and PokeGyms are popping up at several popular haunts. People have been found chasing Pokemon in hotels, restaurants, streets and malls.

Business houses are cashing in on this latest craze and making the most out of it. They are luring avid fans of the game with attractive offers. Establishments like Societe Dubai and VIP Room have already thrown Pokemon-themed parties. The five-star hotel, Dusit Thani Dubai offered complimentary beverage upgrades to guests who could catch a Pokemon at its premises. Such marketing ploys will perhaps be more abound as and when the official release of Pokemon Go in Dubai actually takes place.

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