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Dubai has been great on the real estate market, investors overseas are getting drawn to Dubai for the sake of investments. Apart from 100 different nationalities, Indians, British and Pakistanis have bought properties that can invest more than Dh100 billion in the initial six months of the year.

In the year 2008 the Dubai’s property market has evidenced a blow and has retrieved, It has made a record in 20 percent rise in price and has been developing at a quickest stride ever. Despite great hiccups in the years 2008 and 2009, Dubai is back to square one. It has also been facing improvements year after year.

Dubai showcases immense opportunities for investors world-wide, it’s the best place to go forward making investments since it’s been an International city too. It is one such spots in the world where you can expect to find first-class growth on equity aside better cash.

Deluxe property costs in Dubai seem to be cost-effective when equated with the lead cities worldwide. Emirates’ property prices are seven times humbler than London and 10 times gloomier than Monaco. A villa in Dubai worth the value of Dh3 million which is equivalent to half-a-million pound can be bought around the outskirts . For the same price you will have no options in London.

There were few setbacks too, since some investors have literally faced a loss on their invested money due to the projects facing a cancellation or the project developers gone missing followed by the global economic crisis in the year 2008. Therefore investors should be meticulous and would be good enough if they look at certain factors prior to making investments. Below are few facts to be taken care of…

Get set and explore

It is advised to perform an exploration much before you think of investing in the realty sector. Web based search is one helpful medium to seek information about the current situation of the market and personally visiting the area is much helpful.

Developer’s chronicle

Every developer at one time seems fallible. Based on the requirements, an investor should choose the right developer. At any point of time if you feel that the developer lacks certain traits, you can always have a replacement.

Monetary value on properties

Comparatively Dubai is the best place for investments, you can easily buy a decent villa for the value worth Dh3 million which is equal to half a million pounds. For the same cost you can expect nothing in London. That depicts that prices on properties in Dubai are much cost-friendly and investors should make smart choose for the investments in the long run.

Talk terms

There is no harm in inquiring, it’s too hard to negotiate for a seller. The whole point is to exhibit your acquirement to find the best business deal. When there are certain times that the market is down, there are more chances to negotiate. So making attempts to find the best deal is extremely important.

Carry out action

One has to take calculative risks while investing. Before investing the risks has to be checked upon. There are least chances that there won’t be any risks, risks are always there in any business deal. With proper planning and efficient risk management one can subdue the untoward happenings.


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