10 Inexpensive Ways to Swank Up Your Living Space

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Home is where the heart lies. It is where you spend the most of your time and make countless memories. So, it is time that you add some fun and vibrancy to your living space.  And what could be better is that you can do so without shelling out much. For, in this blog post, we explore 10 inexpensive ways to swank up your living space.

10 inexpensive ways to swank up your living space and go gaga over each corner of your house.

  1. Recognise your Style and Reorganise the Furniture

    Before taking up the task of decorating your house, you must know what you want and set up a plan accordingly. Do not carry too far on deciding a certain theme. Start with the re-arranging of the furniture. Try moving the reading table beside a window for a fresh morning to start with, or maybe, move the sofa towards the showcase. Try getting acquainted with new corners as you explore new ways to arrange your furniture.

  1. Add some Greenery

    Add some greenery to your house by decorating certain areas of the sitting room, veranda or the balcony with plants in vessels. This will surely add an organic touch to your living space. Freshness and creativity meet the inexpensive standards in this way.

  1. Paint your own Wall

    Bring a bucket of paint and paint your wall as you wish. It is recommended that you paint adjacent or opposite walls of the same colour. If two are boldly coloured, let the other two be painted in lighter shades. You may also coat the ceiling in lighter shades than the walls, helping in making the room look bigger.  Add an interesting border to the room with the help of a stencil, if you wish so.

  1. Add Books and a Bookshelf

    Books are believed to be one’s best friend. So, why not bring them out and show your collection off? With a neatly stacked arrangement of your books, the shelves will not only get filled but also add some colour to the space. No need to buy the pricey accessories when you have got your books, old and new. This is one of the most inexpensive ways to swank up your living space.

  1. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

    Mirrors have been known to adorn palaces and castles since the ancient times, both in the Oriental and the Occidental worlds. These days flea markets abound in collections of mirrors. Add a well-designed but inexpensive mirror on the empty space of a certain wall and get awed as you watch the plain-looking wall turn aesthetic.

  1. Bring Some Rugs

    Be it a big room or a small one, a mat or a carpet will definitely change the entire look of the floor. With innumerable styles, sizes, designs and colours to choose from, a rug will not cost you too much and lend you with an inexpensive option to swank up your living space.

  1. Framed Snapshots for the Walls

    Take your digital snapshots in black and white out and frame them to pin on the walls. You may also frame the collected posters of your favourite musician or actor and let them rule the walls of your living room. If not photographs, an old collection of postcards and greeting cards will also do the task well. This is one of the most creative and inexpensive ways to swank up your living space.

  1. Beautify your Kitchen Space

    Let not cooking be a boring task anymore. Hang your mugs on rows of wall hooks or put a glass bowl with fresh flowers on the centre of the dining table.  Add some fun to your kitchen with the crockery re-arranged on open shelves, to add a chic touch. Creativity meets the inexpensive standards, isn’t it?

  1. Pop Colours with Pillows and Cushions

    With a couple of bright pillows or cushions, pop some hues to the bed and add a visual variety. Pillows and cushions come in different shapes, sizes and colours, at inexpensive rates. Reinvent your bedroom with decorative pillows.

  1. Light your House up

    With a huge collection of lights and lamps in the market, you get a whole new experience of lighting your house up in the classiest way. Go on a shopping spree and bring home some ceiling lights and standing floor and table lamps that come in the most modern and minimalist varieties too. Light a few corners with lamps and flaunt your creativity.

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