The Allure of Gated Communities

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For members of the human race, exclusivity has always held a special appeal. In the real estate sector, what makes the gated communities so attractive an option, is the allure of shared exclusivity. As a resident of a gated community, there are amenities that are set aside for the sole use of the residents. It is like having your own slice of heaven guarded against the greater outer world.

What are gated communities?

A gated community is a residential development with a few and defined entrance and exit points. It is generally walled off from outer access and has its own security means.

A gated community could be a cluster of apartment blocks or detached/semi-detached homes or a blend of the two. Gated communities have facilities integrated into them. The roads are well paved and the gardens are well looked after.  There are several other shared amenities like gyms, pools, supermarkets, playgrounds, and clubhouses. Maintenance of gated communities is generally taken care of by committees formed by the residents.

Who are gated communities suitable for?

Gated communities evoke a picture of peace, safety and harmony within an exclusive perimeter. They hold different sorts of interests for different audience sets.

For families, gated communities with their extensive conveniences are the perfect settings. In these communities, children have access to sporting facilities. Plus there isn’t the added risk posed by running traffic. Well-placed security measures ensure that the children are safe and protected. Some communities have schools within their compounds that further add to the convenience of the parents.

For retired individuals and senior residents, gated communities hold a charm of their own. The traffic-free streets make up for good morning and evening strolls. With all amenities near at hand, they do not have to go out or depend on others for running their errands. Amidst a secure and safe environment, they can pursue, in peace, hobbies they most care about. With an easy pace of living and ample amenities, these communities have everything that people of their age could ask for.

Gated communities do not disappoint the investors either. Capital gains are decent and rental yields are good. And owing to limited supply of such developments, they have widespread demand in the market. The market perception is also positive. These and other factors keep investors always on the look-out for well-situated, gated communities.

Rules, Responsibilities and the Cost of Living in Gated Communities

Gated communities offer distinct lifestyles. With their exclusive themes, they offer a life suffused with luxury. But these facilities entail maintenance costs that are to be borne by its residents. One must take these bills into account, before taking locating to a gated community.

A shared community also has certain rules and regulations in place. Every resident living in the community need to abide by these norms. While the laid down rules may suit a majority of the residents, not everyone may agree with them.

vThose willing to locate to a gated community must, therefore, do their research and budgeting. This will go a long way in ensuring a happy, gated community living experience.


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