Meydan City – A union of sports, business and lifestyle

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Dubai Meydan City

Dubai Meydan City has long been known for being the venue of the world’s richest horse race. However, besides the sound made by the hooves of galloping horses, there are many more exciting notes that keep the air in Dubai Meydan City vibrant and buzzing.
Meydan City is a unique concept that brings together sporting, lifestyle and business in one place. The idea behind has not just been to create a sporting infrastructure, but shape the heart of Dubai to contain multiple elements of life.
Under construction in Ras Al Khor area of Dubai, the project includes a range of commercial build-ups, state-of-the-art business parks, residential towers, villa communities and luxury waterfront properties. The project features hospitals, sporting facilities, entertainment options, sky-bubble restaurants, clubs and even a boat-house.
The Meydan City is divided into four sub-districts: Meydan Racecourse, Meydan Metropolis, Meydan Horizon and Meydan Godolphin Parks.


Main Attractions of Dubai Meydan City

Meydan Racecourse and Grandstand

With a capacity to accommodate 60,000 spectators, Meydan Racecourse and Grandstand extends up to a mile in length. The racecourse officially opened on 27 March 2010. It has been the venue of Dubai World Cup, which has been an annual event held on the last Saturday in March. Carrying a purse USD 10 million, it is the world’s richest horse race.  It has two race tracks and a horse racing museum and gallery. When not in its usual racing mode, the facility is used for hosting business meets.
Besides the grandstand, Meydan Racecourse includes the world’s first five-star track-side hotel, The Meydan Hotel, a nine-hole golf course and The Meydan Marina, where 80 yachts can park at one time.


Meydan Metropolis

It is primarily a commercial development that is built with an aim to facilitate and promote business. The idea behind the metropolis is to provide the multi-national business community with a convivial environment, where they can continue to flourish. All facilities designed and incorporated in the sub-district has been to that end.
Besides the office spaces, Meydan Metropolis also features a good mix of hospitality, residential and retail facilities.


Meydan Horizon

Located at the intersection of Ras Al Khor Road and Dubai-Al Ain Road, Meydan Horizon is a world-class, mixed-use build-up. It is conveniently located not very far from the Dubai International Airport and Downtown Dubai. It is spread over an area of 180-hectare and overlooks the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary.
Post completion, Meydan Horizon is expected to house over 72,000 people.


Godolphin Parks

Borrowing its name from a legendary Arabian horse, Godolphin Parks will be a riverine city that will seamlessly blend urban living with ecological sustainability. Godolphin Parks will feature the Godolphin Gateway Tower. The tower will be 40-storeyed tall. The facade of the tower will bear a void, cut-out in the shape of Godolphin, the horse from which the project derives its name.
Godolphin Parks will also feature The Signature Mall.


Meydan One

Announced in August 2015, this new scheme will feature Dubai One Tower, which at 711 meter is slated to become the world’s tallest residential tower. Besides Dubai One, it will also include a grand shopping mall, a 25,000 square meter indoor sports facility, the world’s largest indoor ski slope, the biggest dancing fountains in the world, a plaza, a beach and a marina. The marina at Meydan One will have space for a hundred yachts.
In a nutshell, it can be stated that the Meydan City will be a wonderful package that will merge urban living, business and a sporting culture, all in an environment-friendly, ecologically sustainable setting.
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