Dubai’s Novel Projects to arrive

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Dubai’s Novel Projects have been many so far, they are the most lavish and imposing ones till date. Dubai has been inspiring its neighboring world by showcasing the mega-developments. Already it has earlier versions of projects to its credit. The ready projects include, Burj Khalifa, The Dubai mall, Palm Jumeirah,  Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, etc. Scroll down to learn more about the future projects of Dubai.


Dubai’s Novel Projects with Novel Themes


  1. Aladdin City

    This is  a mega project of all the Dubai’s Novel Projects. It is a 4,000 acre structure of towers influenced by the characters of “Arabian Nights”, “Aladdin” and “Sindbad”. The Aladdin city will likely have six towers, some planned to appear like Aladdin’s magic lamp. The towers are connected by air-conditioned bridges with moving walkways similar to ‘magical carpets’. The towers will possess a height of 34, 26 and 25 storeys. The towers consists of space for offices, at least one hotel and a parking lot for 900 cars. It is located in the area of Dubai Creek. The towers are spread over 450 meters around Dubai Creek.  The Aladdin city will be a blend of ”icons of fables of the past with charm and tourism equivalent to a city”.
  2. Dubai Eye – 

    Influenced by the London’s popular Ferris Wheel, Dubai Eye will be 1.5 times the size of the attraction in London. Dubai Eye is coming up around the shoreline on the Bluewaters Island Development, off the coast of Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Residence. With 210 meters high, the Dubai Eye will be developed on the man-made island and will be the largest tourist attraction. The Ferris wheel consists of 48 luxury capsules that can accommodate 1400 visitors. It displays the views of various hot spots such as “Burj Khalifa”, “Burj Al Arab” and “Palm Jumeirah”. The wheel also has a 80 meter LED screen mounted on it, to broadcast movies, advertisements etc.  The space around the wheel will give way to a grand promenade. It hosts alfresco dining outlets, retail outlets and a food hall with a traditional ambience. The huge frames that hold the wheel signifies grandness to the entire edifice.
  3. Dubai Frame –

    Planned to match a bewitching window frame, the Dubai Frame encompasses both the views of old and the modern Dubai. The tower’s stature can be matched to a 50 storeyed building. The Dubai Frame consists of two 150 meter towers, 93 meters wide and a 100 square meter bridge. Here sizable space is available for visitors to click snapshots of the city’s view. The frame involves a 25 square meter glass panel in the middle. It also gets photovoltaic tiles paneled to produce solar energy. The plan is to make the visitors step in to the museum located in the ground floor which showcases artefacts of old and new Dubai, besides multimedia recounting the rapid transformation of Dubai. All in all, this exhibit will be the best of Dubai’s Novel Projects and an attraction for visitors in Dubai.
  4. Future Museum of Dubai –

    Inspired with the motto “see the future , create the future”, this is one of Dubai’s projects. The museum plays a pivotal role in motivating the innovators. It paves a way for the visitors to experience world-class simulations and interactive showcases. The museum will hold scientific conferences, workshops, courses on design. It presents innovations involving the latest developments in the scientific platform. The museum stresses on building the future of robotics and artificial intelligence and their influence on human life.
  5. The pearl of Dubai –

    The underwater theme park is based on the idea of creating the stories of Atlantis. It is being designed to match the looks of the Hollywood blockbusters Pirates of Caribbean and Avatar. The destination promises a unique experience to diver, irrespective of their skills.
  6. The Mall of the World –

    Aims to provide completely climate controlled space for the visitors. Despite its soaring summer, where the temperature can go up to 50c. The Mall of the World consists of Health resorts, theatres, shopping experiences and much more. It will also have retail, residential, office, hospitality, and entertainment.
  7. Taj Arabia –

    Inspired from the TajMahal of India, Dubai will have a super-sized TajMahal called “Taj Arabia”. Instead of serving as a monument, the edifice will serve as a multi-utility center for apartments and hotel. It will be a part of  Falconcity of Wonders development. This development platform conceptualizes the theme of having copies of the renowned wonders of the world. To name a few – such as, Eiffel tower, Leaning tower of Pisa and Great Pyramids of Egypt.
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