Life in Dubai: A Fascinating Glimpse!

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A Humble Beginning

Compare Dubai to what it was a few decades ago and what it is now, and notice the drastic changes that this city has undergone. What once had been a humble settlement is now home to some of the most iconic buildings in the world that offer innumerable lifestyle choices to its privileged residents, making life in Dubai truly inspiring.

The Rise of a New City

Touted often as a playground for the rich, Dubai has earned its rightful spot in the league of extraordinary cities. Unlike many other Gulf powers, Dubai did not build its destiny on the strength of oil. Surely, oil did help its cause initially, however, it was a pure human ambition that has enabled Dubai to script its own modern tale. The economic fate of this metropolis is currently being propelled by tourism, aviation, financial services and real estate.
Over the years, Dubai has come to symbolize a hard-nosed attitude and a futuristic vision. This is evident in its breath-taking towers that pierce the clouds and dwarf the skies. If Burj Khalifa has surpassed vertical limits, its indoor ski resort has brought winter to the desert. And its man-made islands, they simply are an awe-inspiring engineering feat.

Redefining Grandness

The air in Dubai is suffused with luxury and opulence. You only need to open your eyes and see, to soak in the profusion that is Dubai. If life in Dubai is fast, the cars are faster, the yachts bigger, and the homes larger. Perhaps that is why it won’t come as a surprise that the world’s only seven-star hotel is in Dubai – the Burj Al Arab.
To top this Dubai has the biggest shopping mall in the world, which offers a number of brands and product choices. It also boasts of the world’s busiest airport (by International passenger traffic).
Everything in Dubai has to be grand, made of gold and studded with diamonds. After all, even the police here drives Aston Martins and Ferraris. Still, if you need further proof of its lavishness, know this that there are ATMs in Dubai that dispense gold bars.

Life in Dubai is a Seamless Union of Tradition and Modernity

Despite all its lush display of lavishness, life in Dubai is deeply rooted in tradition. It has flawlessly merged its rich heritage with its contemporary ambitions to make Dubai one of the most liberal places in the region. No wonder why nationals from more than 200 countries stay and work in Dubai, making it truly cosmopolitan. In fact, Emiratis (as the locals are called) form only 15% of the population.
Perhaps the one fact that makes Dubai most appealing to expats is its tax-free regime. This couples with its low crime rate to make Dubai an ideal location for people from anywhere to settle in.
Dubai did suffer a slump in the aftermath of the 2008 American real estate crisis in 2009. The market, however, has since rejuvenated with a renewed hope. The aura of Dubai is filled with energy, excitement, and optimism that brings the best out of you. And with World Expo 2020 approaching, we wonder what more Dubai will have in store for us.
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